Caroline Notté

Design & Interior

“Not to dare is to have already lost. We should look for ambitious, even unrealistic projects, because things only happen when we dream”.

We believe that history and modernity, imagination and resilience, refinement and anomalies should coexist. By being sensitive to nature, we create an atmosphere that lives well in its environment and becomes an experience.

Creative cross-pollination in the team reflects concepts that arise from intuitive observational practice and generous approach. Our studio is dedicated to creating a dynamic workplace and we value cultural diversity and creativity in our practice.

We believe that the best way to fully inhabit a space is to be surrounded by architecture, furniture, art, and crafts that are represented by the honesty of their materials and the purity of intent in their creation.


The studio and the flagship gallery are located in an iconic Bauhaus house in Brussels, built in 1924 by Louis Herman de Koninck.

The founder Caroline Notté is a multifaceted Belgian architect who imagines bridges, gaps and connections between Architecture, Design and Arts through a sensory experience.

She believes that honouring history, nature, craftmanship and site is imperative to realize relevant and harmonious achievements. Through an exploration of noble materials, sustainability design, and juxtaposition of shapes she brings with her a wealth of emotions into every space. Atypical and free, guided by her impressive intuition, she has a number of strings to her bow, space sculptor, designer, teacher, curator, and mentor.


Pushing the boundaries, Notté is known for designing places with a remarkable identity. Never enclosed to one style, perpetually inspired by various references, she transposes her personality into the places she revisits with a constantly renewed requirement for quality and true materials.

Notté was listed several times in the top 100 designers by AD and has received many prestigious awards. Her work has been published and featured in a wide range of international and featured and publications.

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