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Futons and more…

29 April 2022

BAOBAB HOME Over-futon with DOT pattern in turmeric colour and blockprinted dots.

Can be used as a sofa cover or placed on a sofa. It is very nice when mixed with a thinner surfuton

Size : 70x180cm

100% cotton poplin

Upholstered in cotton.

We like to roll it up and use it as a headrest for reading. Once rolled up, it is a pretty decorative element. No need to store it.

Handmade, the fabric is block printed, which brings a touch of casual chic on an elegant fabric support. The upholstery is made of cotton and the work is done by hand.

This brand supports many small craftsmen by offering collections that are always being renewed and participate in the maintenance of unique know-how.

To own a BAOBAB  HOME product is to enjoy a product created between La Rochelle and Paris, made in India, often with small family units with which, for some, they have been collaborating since 2004.


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Futons and more…