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Opening of a Haute Couture Salon in Knokke

30 June 2021

The intimate atmosphere and the hushed ambience take over the place. The hustle of the sea becomes more discreet. Sofas invite to relax. A setting like an intimate and hushed lounge where it is possible to admire the settings on busts in full discussion. The Maison Natan presents a Haute Couture collection that is sure to create emotion. Here, we are first and foremost in a house rather than in a boutique. We have adapted to the place, we did not want to transform it radically. The Haute Couture clients can come and observe, ask questions, stroll around! “exclaims Edouard Vermeulen, director of the Maison Natan.

In this jewel case, bespoke creations and Belgian craftsmanship are combined for a non-ostentatious luxury that has always been the emblematic spirit of the Maison Natan.


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Opening of a Haute Couture Salon in Knokke

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