About us

About us

Welcome to quality houses: expertise « Made in Brussels ». More than 50 Brussels “houses” developing « savoir-faire », exception, elegance, passion and respect.

BEL, the Brussels Expertise Labels, is a label whose primary vocation is to gather, support and promote its members and their expertise (retail businesses, brands and initiatives) in order to create value for their businesses, as well as for their customers, and more broadly for the Brussels-Capital Region and Belgium.

For more than 80 years, the BEL houses have been promoting the high quality and beauty of Belgian products, the warmth and openness of its stores in Belgium and beyond. Each of these unique talents, often passed down from generation to generation, reminds us that it is more important than ever to develop and perpetuate arts and crafts and services in order to embrace the innovation that is so closely compatible with tradition, as well as to cultivate curiosity.

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Why " Brussels Expertise Labels " ?

B Brussels
Because our capital has become a brand in its own right, here at the heart of Europe.
E Expertise
Because excellence is a way of life for our members, who prize the art of living and strive for an ever more specialised approach to their craft. Ultimately, exclusivity is what defines them.
L Labels
Because everything our members do is driven by a desire to be the best. Be they individual artisans or international brands, they set themselves apart by this continuing search for excellence.