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The Bayer & Bayer barbershop in the Sablon, in the heart of Brussels, heralds a trend which is gradually spreading across Northern Europe: the advent of a new generation of “barbershops”.  The idea grew slowly: Nicolas Bayer wanted to revive the tradition of the craft of beard and moustache shaves and treatments, performed by an old-school master-barber.

The shop is located in a beautiful mansion, which used to house a perfume shop. At the entrance, there is a vintage bar where visitors can enjoy a glass of whisky or wine, a cup of coffee or tea. This cosy space flows into a very British saloon, where sixties furniture (including mythical Belmont chairs), a collection of old razors, and photographs of bearded stars sit side by side. The result is an elegant but relaxed atmosphere where men can come and take the pressure off from their busy daily routines. Moreover, Bayer & Bayer doesn’t simply shave moustaches and beards: visitors can choose from a range of further treatments.

The success of the new generation of barbershops also has to do with the comeback of trimmed beards and moustaches. An estimated 40% of men have a styled beard or moustache: a thin moustache, a goatee or a seemingly casual beard are all ways to express personalities.

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Nicolas is the driving force behind Bayer & Bayer, a barber shop located in Sablon, Brussels. With his expertise and reputation in the world of hairdressing, Nicolas has become an indispensable figure in Brussels. Recognizing the need for a space dedicated solely to men’s grooming, he decided to create a high-end salon catering exclusively to male clientele.

Situated in the prestigious Sablon neighborhood, Nicolas’s barber shop showcases his commitment to providing exceptional services and unique experiences. Every aspect of the salon, from the carefully designed interior layout to the meticulously selected quality products, reflects his dedication to creating a sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere.

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