Cantillon Brewery and Artisan Dereck Daubechies are namedwinners of the BEL PRIZES 2023

The Brussels Expertise Labels, the Brussels-based label promoting Brussels excellence, awarded Cantillon Brewery and artisan Dereck Daubechies during the second edition of the BEL Prizes on Thursday, December 14, 2023, at Autoworld Brussels.

A special evening unfolded at the heart of Autoworld Brussels yesterday, highlighting exceptional entrepreneurship of today and tomorrow.

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The Cantillon Brewery

Cantillon Brewery, a Brussels institution since 1900, received the «Brussels Insider Expert» award, an accolade honoring a Brussels establishment that contributes to the city’s reputation regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Today, Cantillon Brewery continues the traditional Lambic work, emphasizing the connection between the natural wine world and beer, two realms with closely linked philosophies.

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Dereck Daubechies

The second prize shines a spotlight on a young talent, to ensure the future of Brussels expertise. Dereck Daubechies was awarded the «Brussels Transmission Prize.

As a young artisan fascinated by the earth and all it has to offer, the artist presents, under his new label «Terre Promise,» lamps entirely made of ceramic, including lampshades, with timeless lines that stimulate imagination, inspire reverie, and invite moments of thought.

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The two winners of the BEL Prizes 2023 have impressed the BEL committee and its President, Pierre Marcolini, with their exceptional expertise as well as their commitment to sustainability, innovation, service, and passion.

Selecting a single candidate for the ‘Brussels Transmission Prize’ was not an easy task. The nominees Ahooga, Analepse, and greenology are young companies, each with a vision, strong values, and a very promising future. The city can be proud that they are Brussels based.

The winners are awarded a sculpture signed by Romain Zacchi symbolizing craftsmanship, and the partner KBC Brussels offers the winner of the ‘Brussels Transmission Prize’ a coaching programme with Girleek, a platform dedicated to acquiring digital skills.

Also, like BEL members, winners and nominees are invited to participate in the BEL’s 2024 programme.

The BEL Prizes 2023 also celebrates the inauguration of the exhibition ‘A Journey of Expertise’ at Autoworld Brussels. This journey of curiosities within the ‘Porsche driven by Dreams’ exhibition provides visitors with an unparalleled immersion into Brussels’ craftsmanship and the discovery of a variety of objects representing the expertise and unique universe of each BEL member.

The exhibition is open to the public from December 15 to 17, 2023.

The BEL Prizes could not have been organized without the valuable support of the Brussels-Capital Region, the City of Brussels, and D’Ieteren Luxury Performance.