Our new address for all Specucclois and Specuccloises

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Here’s some exciting news for food enthusiasts

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new tea room. Located at Parvis Saint-Pierre, in the very heart of Uccle, this opening marks the result of our latest collaboration with the Piovenefabi studio. Following the success of our store on Avenue de l’Université in Ixelles, we have once again teamed up with Ambra and her team.

In the category of not changing a winning team

We were fortunate to have the same team of Brussels artisans who were already at work. Among them, the blacksmiths Ulysse Choner and Denis Romainville, who reinstated their beautiful lighting system. It has been reinterpreted especially for the new space and runs along the entire ceiling of the store. We also find the same wooden elements, sculptures, showcase, counter, and bench. A local and family-oriented effort for a local and family clientele, completing the circle.

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And our family grows a little bigger each time

As the studio has invited the artist Valérie Mannaerts to bring her unique vision to the ensemble.

« My family has been in Brussels for 5 generations. For me, Maison Dandoy is the symbol of celebrations. »

Her imprint can be recognized in the patterns she created for the occasion. Literally, as the imprint of her thumb served as the basis for the beautiful diagonals painted on the various pieces of furniture. They charmingly echo the iconic dots of the Maison.

On the counter, she painted beautiful braces that harmonize with the woodwork. These recall the braces that our family and friends will make when they receive, from our laden arms, packages full of our speculoos, voted by the people of Brussels as the most irresistible.