This is not a bar

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Evocative. Mysterious. Theatrical.

Step into a world of surreal sophistication at Bar Magritte, a canvas for the art of mixology.

Captivating design is the elegant backdrop to a palette of playful cocktails, all inspired by the whimsical world of Belgian surrealist artist René Magritte. Where the ordinary becomes extraordinary…

The Cocktails

Paying homage to Magritte, one of Belgium’s most celebrated sons, world-leading master mixologist Salvatore Calabrese has dreamt up a menu of 20 unique cocktails. ‘His Work’ — 10 scintillating  libations inspired by a collection of Magritte’s pieces,  and ‘His World’ — 10 classic cocktails, popular during the artist’s lifetime.

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The Story

Brussels and the life of Magritte are irrevocably intertwined. Bar Magritte celebrates the artist’s enduring legacy, in the city where he enjoyed his most prolific periods. Inspired by the surreal world of Magritte, our bar takes visitors on a sensory journey exploring his natural ability to disrupt, question and surprise.

Bespoke murals of female dancers flit across the walls. Seating is at the marble topped bar framed by Art Deco stained glass windows. A hint of smoke wafts from a precisely made cocktail. In the corner, a game of chess – Magritte’s favourite pastime – is being played. The candles flicker, could it be the spectre of a man in a bowler hat passing by?