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Sophie Helsmoortel, the elegant heart and soul of Cachemire Coton Soie since 1990, selects exclusive pieces for her concept store from rare and cutting-edge companies to whom she is drawn by several affinities: refinement and unusual items that are revisited with an original touch to create versatile urban feminine appeal. In the intimate and luminous premises in the Brugmann district, brands that have been carefully selected for their modernity and their adaptability to all the occasions of our emotionally rich lives, offer a combination of noble and durable materials with irreproachable cuts for a timeless and subtle interpretation of the latest trends: practical, chic, casual. The wide range of accessories enhances the allure of the whole spectrum of styles and the pleasure thereof is magnified each season thanks to the mix and match options for so many of our harmonious and coherent favourites. This leading boutique with its ever-innovative elegant creations has adopted a policy of giving precedence to local and European sources and offering its customers advice and assistance. It is your opportunity to discover a host of different styles and enjoy the intense pleasure that beautiful, versatile garments offer.

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