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A passion for the exceptional

Choux de Bruxelles puts its know-how at the service of your taste buds, whisking you to prestige locations with unique atmospheres in the four corners of Belgium (and even beyond).

As the creators of unforgettable events, our team can adapt to your every desire. Chefs, cooks, waiting staff, maîtres d’hôtel and commis chefs work together to ensure that with every mouthful you’ll be dreaming of your next adventure.

In search of a unique venue for your next cocktail evening, walking dinner or dinner party? With Choux de Bruxelles, you can be sure you’ll find the perfect magical setting with gastronomy to match.

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Who's behind ?

Damien Audusseau

He worked with Chef Yves Mattagne for a long time and now he’s making delicious food for your special events. He makes creative dishes that will surprise your guests and make your event an unforgettable experience for all.

Damien Audusseau has been an integral part of Choux de Bruxelles catering company for several years. Fueled by his creativity and a dedication to sourcing top-quality ingredients, he joined the Choux de Bruxelles group following a successful initial collaboration. The variety of activities within the group, including catering activities and brasseries, appealed to his desire to express his creativity through diverse menus — a freedom not often found in traditional restaurants with fixed offerings.

For Damien, leveraging his expertise for the benefit of Choux de Bruxelles and its team is a true privilege. When asked about his favorite aspect of the company, Damien emphasizes the welcoming atmosphere. “At Choux de Bruxelles, there’s a sense of family among colleagues. There are no barriers; everyone collaborates seamlessly.

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