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A universe of refined fragrance

At l’Antichambre, luxury can’t be seen. It spreads through the air as translucent particles that engage the senses and dazzle the soul. It is this language of fragrance that speaks to our hearts, telling stories scented with emotion and revealing the secrets of our souls.

Made to measure
If luxury is first and foremost about exclusivity, it is also inseparable from quality. We select only the finest raw ingredients to create a range of soliflore perfumes that can be worn alone or married with other scents according to the wearer’s desires. Create your own perfume to suit your mood.

The exclusives
A range of ready-to-wear perfumes in a variety of concentrations. An anti-allergy line is also available.

The ambiances
Discover our vegetal candles and room fragrances; the latter are available as vaporisers and electric or reed diffusers.

The collaborations
L’Antichambre has harnessed this olfactory language and translated it to accompany you as you select the perfume that fits your lifestyle and celebrates the values of your business or your events.



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