Le Saint-Aulaye

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The artisanal bakery-patisserie

Saint-Aulaye is an artisanal bakery-patisserie established in Ixelles since 1986.

Flour, water, yeast, time and passion… those are the main ingredients that make up the authentic breads created by Frédéric Dupont for the house.

Fabien, Compagnon du Tour de France, heads a team of pastry chefs who work each night to bring you their creations, which you can enjoy with your eyes as much as with your taste buds. Whether the pastries are classics or have never been seen before, Saint-Aulaye sees to the quality and freshness of all of their ingredients every day.

With 20 years of experience in customer service (and time spent at Harrods in London), Jean-Louis will welcome you and will advise you with the help of his team.

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Who's behind ?

Le Saint-Aulaye is the quintessential French brand that shines throughout Brussels. Established in 1986 on Jean Chapelié Street (Ixelles), this bakery-patisserie was taken over in 2008 by Fabien Grégoire, Jean-Louis Barré, Frederic Dupont.

To reach this goal, Fabien Grégoire and Frédéric Dupont, Compagnons of the Tour de France, have worked out recipes to perpetuate and assure the transmission of their traditional knowledge to their teams. We take the time to work the ingredients so they can give the best of themselves, by work, rest, fermentation, cooking, icing and decoration.

Where to find us

Our points of sale

Rue Vanderkindere, 377
1180 Brussels

Rue Américaine, 130
1050 Brussels

Chaussée de Waterloo, 1447
1180 Brussels