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Driven by passion for excellence

Tailored suits and shirts, leather shoes, knitwear, silk ties and pocket squares, and fine accessories are produced only in the finest materials and by the finest artisans.

At La maison Degand, there is no compromise. Forged on a penchant for tailoring and Pierre Degand’s enduring philosophy in which men’s clothing is a source of intense pleasure and a reflection of personality, La maison Degand has a commitment to craft – working only with artisans whose philosophy is in line with that of Pierre Degand.

La maison Degand is his life’s work, and it is through this prism that he continues to develop relationships with his customers – both old and new – who come to La maison Degand for not only its carefully curated tailored offering, but for Pierre Degand’s infectious passion, expertise and sartorial sensibilities.

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Who's behind ?

Mr. Pierre Degand, Mrs. Michèle Degand, Ms. Emily Degand & Mr. Fabrice Duchêne

Mr. Duchêne holds a degree from the ULB (Université libre de Bruxelles) with an educational background in management, complemented by a specialization in law.

Formerly a practicing lawyer, he also served as the proprietor of the renowned Belgian apparel brand “Mer du Nord,” where he held a leadership role for an extensive period.

Bringing substantial expertise in the realm of luxury retail, he officially started his responsibilities at Maison Degand on March 1st, 2023.

The Vibrant Tapestry of Maison Degand
Maison Degand operates as a closely-knit family unit, with approximately 40 individuals collectively contributing to the essence of the Maison.

Our premises encompass a multi-faceted setup, featuring a workshop situated on the uppermost level, alongside offices dedicated to pivotal functions such as accounting, marketing, procurement, and management.

Furthermore, our dynamic workforce encompasses dedicated sales teams, departmental leaders, and integral members of the Degand family, namely Emily, Mimi, and Pierre, who all contribute to the Maison’s distinct identity and success.

Our collaborative network extends to external partners, including a PR company, graphic designer, IT professionals, maintenance personnel, and even a florist, each playing a crucial role in our operations.

Where to find us

Our points of sale

Avenue Louise, 415
1050 Brussels

Degand Shoes
Rue Saint-Georges, 4
1050 Brussels

Degand Gifts
Rue de l’Abbaye, 7
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