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CUBEX, inventor of today's equipped kitchen

The CUBEX brand has been recreated by two design enthusiasts: Nicolas Swinnen and Xavier De Breucker.

The goal of the reedition is to bring a noble and different solution in the somewhat aseptic landscape of today’s kitchens.

CUBEX is fitted with specific patented handles and chubby doors with rounded corners which bring this deliciously vintage touch.

As throughout their history, CUBEX kitchens are designed in Belgium with particular attention to quality and details, in collaboration with Brussels designers and artisans.

In 1930 CUBEX created a system with functional 60 cm modules: it was the most advanced solution of its time in kitchen layouts which had already left its permanent mark on the industry.
CUBEX sold thousands of kitchens up to the mid-1960s, making it an iconic piece of design. For 90 years CUBEX has built kitchens that are functional like industrial machines and solid like army tanks.

We export all over the world.
Whether it is about the joy of sharing a meal with friends and family, or finding pleasure in preparing yourself a delicious snack, every moment you spend in a CUBEX kitchen becomes unique.

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