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The most open private members’ club

TheMerode is a new kind of private members’ club, one that unites business and culture.

We believe in the power of teaching, learning and sharing.

We are building a community dedicated to inspiration and self-development. A versatile community of men and women, established and rising individuals, from local and international backgrounds, entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders, creatives, start-uppers, civil society leaders, artists and more… with Brussels as a common playground.

We are fostering a place where our members feel at home; where ideas are nurtured, and members can engage in conversations.

TheMerode is a collective story of individuals coming together, connecting, and crafting a new type of club. It is a place to learn, enjoy and meet.

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Who's behind ?

A vision of Bruno Pani

Founder of Profirst, one of the leading luxury event and communication agencies, Bruno Pani had a dream that someday he could contribute and give back to the society. His vision was able to come to life during the 2020 pandemic when he and 2 of his long-time business partners took over the Hotel de Merode located at the heart of Brussels. They envisioned a new kind of private members’ club, a cross-generation and multicultural place where members would be able to socialize, learn, engage and grow.

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Place Poelaert 6,
1000 Brussels