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3 March 2022

La maison Degand celebrates the 25th anniversary of Degand Shoes & every month, Pierre Degand and his team highlight a prestigious brand, or an exclusive model.

Given the success of the Phoenix model, La maison Degand has decided to offer you a new and exclusive model in collaboration with our most loyal partner: Edward Green.

What could be more natural than the Galway boot, iconic model, known as the “world’s most beautiful boot” by aficionados. We have been offering it since the very opening of Degand Shoes, 25 years ago and it has since won the hearts of our shoes connoisseur customers.

A multitude of features like a Harris Tweed from La maison Holland and Sherry, one of the finest fabric maison in the world, who has created an exclusive print chosen by Pierre Degand himself ; the perfect balance between the upper and lower part of the boot ; an assembly on the elegant 82 shape discreetly contemporary and coupled with the city rubber sole ; the three rows of stitches on the toe that are purely decorative ; or yet the gusseted tongue to prevent water from entering the shoe. Finally, the shaft around the ankle that isn’t lined, which makes it far more comfortable.

We look forward to present to you the Galway for Degand Brussels, at Degand Shoes or online at


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