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CUBEX kitchens in Antwerp

1 April 2022

This spring, a CUBEX shop and showroom will open in Kloosterstraat in the southern part of Antwerp.

After generating a lot of interest during a pop-up at the Zoute in the summer of 2021, it was obvious that CUBEX should be able to offer a showroom for its kitchens to customers from the Antwerp and Dutch markets.
This shop was created in partnership with David & Goliath, which imports and supplies tiles in the vintage and bistro spirit of CUBEX.
The showroom will be open to both private individuals and architects, decorators and contractors who want luxury kitchens with a unique and special touch. Some collaborations with Antwerp designers will be presented.
Several CUBEX models and colour combinations will be on exhibit in this shop located in the heart of trendy Antwerp.


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CUBEX kitchens in Antwerp