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New pianoalto sofa to discover at Ligne

3 March 2022

“We created a system that exploits the different depths, to create the idea of an extended surface, where the different elements are actually planes that seem to float above the ground line.

“Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

The famous Pianoalto modular sofa collection has been enriched with two new curved elements that allow the creation of new spatial configurations, characterised by more sinuous silhouettes and open compositions, to create spaces for con- versation and socialisation in domestic living rooms, as well as in lounges, waiting rooms and reception areas in hotels, workplaces and multipurpose facilities.

Linear, corner, open and closed configurations, with an impressive scenic impact even in the most compact dimensions.

A relaxation island, a soft platform with generous dimensions on which cushions can be placed, elements can be freely mixed and matched, a dynamic alternation of complete modules with backs, end elements without armrests, recliners and footstools can be created and different depths can be played with.

Comfort is at the heart of the project, which is even more guaranteed today thanks to the new range of high back cushions with a roller designed to support both your shoulders and your head.

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New pianoalto sofa to discover at Ligne