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Summer is Coming !

26 April 2021

AQUAdesign is extremely proud to present our bespoke Stone One Mosaïc bathtub, a genuine work of art. It’s sole purpose is to provide you a moment of pure wellbeing, an escape from busy life , reconnecting with yourself.

Very few still have the knowledge to make these types of exquisite pieces but we have made it our trademark.

With a personal approach to every project by a professional team.

A minimalistic project demanding an elegant bath or a wild idea for a one of a kind tub, we make it happen ! Our know-how extends also to bathtubs covered by hand with 24-carat gold leafs , a cowskin or even for those who aim for an exotic touch , zebra . As one of only 4 in the world , we manufacture our models in Cristalplant Biobased, a durable solid-surface material consisting of 30% plant based materials.

Sustainability is key in the world of AQUAdesign.

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Summer is Coming !

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