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The Davidson

3 March 2022

This year, Marie’s Corner is expanding its families of sofas, armchairs, chairs and sectionals. The brand have developed some light and refined models that give pride of place to wood through extensive work on the legs and backrest. The belgian leader of tailor-made seats is also unveiling models with more imposing proportions, but always guided by our obsession with comfort.

Without a doubt, one of the most daring new products in the 2022 collection! The Davidson further emphasizes the desire to place a larger focus on woodwork. For this model, Marie’s Corner selected ash for its unique properties: it is elastic, hard and resistant. The result is an armchair where the legs and armrests not only support the seat but also define the style of the model. The Davidson seems to be plunging forward and taking us straight into the future of interior design.


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The Davidson