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The Manalys sapphire solitaire ring

2 November 2021

Blue sapphire is the favorite stone of the Belgian fiancees. And this makes sense, as this is one the stone with  the highest hardness (9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale) and it symbolizes love, fidelity and integrity.

Our brand new solitaire ring called “Promesse” has been created by our designer Sawako Narita and is made by our craftsmen-jewellers in our atelier at Boulevard de Waterloo in Brussels. A 1 carat non-heated sapphire from Sri Lanka  and half a carat of diamants make this ring both exceptional and wearable every day.

At Manalys we are proud to work with high standards quality, so only sapphire without heat treatment are set in our jewels and we have a direct access to production, for traceability and correct price.

Feel free to come in and discover our new “Promesse”!

The Manalys sapphire solitaire ring