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Manalys on the road

3 March 2022

The training of future jewelry artisans has always been at the heart of our activity at Manalys. Apprentices are trained and supervised for several years in our workshop by experienced craftsmen in order to teach them the skills and mastery of the jewellery art required in the making of Manalys jewelry. This year, the emphasis is also on practical training and on-field learning for future gemologists. Moïse Mann, craftsman-jeweler and founder of Manalys, is currently accompanied in his journey to search for gemstones in Sri-Lanka by 4 students of the Royal Belgian Gemological Society. The objective of this trip is to make them discover the mines from which the most beautiful gems are extracted, the cutting of the stones and the selection of the stones that will be set in our workshop.

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Manalys on the road