Lunetier Ludovic


Twisted Sunglasses

30 June 2021

Sometimes we receive a full free hand for a bespoke creation. This time the customer’s request was simple: “Sunglasses, but a masterpiece”.

For this unique conception, we wanted to create a singular design and show our master skills in eyewear. Making something like no other spectacle maker imagined. We wanted to craft something we never made before. Elegant and refined but with a smart twist.

The idea of the twisted sculpted frame came from the material itself. We’ve used dark genuine buffalo horns which is a very rigid material. But we’ve sculpted the horn so that it looks like the frame has been bent and twisted everywhere. The reflection of the light on the edges lights up the dark horn.

The metal inlay on the junction contrasts perfectly the warm dark horn.

This unique masterpiece is hand-crafted by our artisans in our workshop at the Sablon.

Twisted Sunglasses

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