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Yvonne Ellen ‘s British Kitsch

3 March 2022

Decorate your cabinet with Yvonne Ellen’s captivating designs with this charming alphabet mug. As if you needed another excuse for a cup of tea, now this daily ritual can have your name (almost) everywhere.

Yvonne Ellen London is a truly unique range of home and giftware designed to add charm and intrigue to your life and home. Yvonne’s strong passion for beautiful vintage fine bone china alongside a love of quirky, decorative illustration combines to create the one of a kind ranges within Yvonne Ellen London.

It all started with a personalized, hand illustrated vintage tea set, made as a  gift for her best friends wedding.

This established Yvonne Ellen London as a highly covetable brand, gathering press acclaim in the  UK and internationally. Yvonne has now collaborated with and supplies companies such as  John Lewis, Liberty London,  Anthropologie and Fenwick’s to name but a few, and the brand  continues to gather momentum and grow each day.

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Yvonne Ellen ‘s British Kitsch