La Villa Lorraine


Refined, relaxed, rejuvenated fine dining

After one year of renovations, it’s a completely new era for La Villa Lorraine : no more staid, formal, inaccessible.

A brand new dusted decor, airy spaces, wooded lounges, a zenitude of powder pink and gold. A mixture of materials, marble, brass, felt, ceramic, travertine, and the amazing trees that give a vegetal touch to the room.

From now on, La Villa offers a single kitchen, but two different concepts depending on whether you opt for the lounge bar or the main room. A single place, the same atmosphere, but two different menu. On the bar side, we share and order as we go, the atmosphere is more relaxed, the light more subdued and the sound more appropriate. In the restaurant, you can choose either the menu with the chef’s emblematic dishes or à la carte.

In the kitchen, Yves Mattagne is responsible for promoting a new style of refined cuisine and the exploration of new gastronomic horizons.

With a very young, dynamic and highly versatile team, with his generosity, his investment and his charisma, Yves Mattagne promises to offer travel on the plate.

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Avenue du Vivier d’Oie, 75
1000 Brussels

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