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95th birthday of Comme chez Soi

30 June 2021

On 19 June, the Brussels starred restaurant Comme chez Soi turned 95 ! Now run by Laurence and Lionel Rigolet, the fourth generation of the family saga, who keeps combining the perfect blend of innovation and know-how that has been going on for almost 100 years. Together, they give Comme chez Soi a contemporary look, both in terms of cuisine and social initiatives.

The family story began in 1926 with Georges Cuvelier who opened «Chez Georges», a small neighbourhood restaurant that later became the famous Comme chez Soi. His son-in-law, Louis, developed it and gave it a style. Pierre, their son, took it to the top of the gastronomic world. As for Lionel, the husband of Laurence (Pierre’s daughter), he took it over in 2007 with the aim of paying tribute to the work of the three previous generations while imposing his own style and vision through a creative and modern cuisine.

Chef Rigolet is always looking for innovation, composing combinations of taste and aesthetics. He executes with pride the emblematic dishes of the House such as the «Filets of sole, mousseline with Riesling and grey shrimps», the «Salade parmentière with North Sea lobster and black truffles» or the «Ardenne ham mousse». Accompanied on a daily basis by his wife Laurence and his faithful team, the restaurant excels in the art of entertaining and in conviviality thanks to the extreme attention paid to customers every day.

More united than ever, Laurence and Lionel Rigolet demonstrate that tradition and modernity can coexist perfectly, as long as love, respect and passion are present. Essential values which have been passed on to their son Loïc, the fifth generation at the helm, who will one day continue this beautiful and unique story of Comme chez Soi for the greater happiness of all.


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95th birthday of Comme chez Soi