Comme chez Soi


Comme chez Soi’s love stories

26 January 2022

If there is one gastronomic Maison in Brussels that has paid tribute to love for 95 years, it is Comme chez Soi. Four generations of passionate couples have succeeded one another to take gourmets from all over the world on a journey to the heart of Belgian gastronomy. Much more than a restaurant, Comme chez Soi is a family story driven by love. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the two Michelin stars restaurant will be exceptionally open on Sunday, February 13 for lunch (5, 6 or 7-course menu), as well as Monday, February 14 for lunch (regular menu) and dinner.

Bookings can be made via their website ( or by phone at +32(0)2 512 29 21.

Comme chez Soi’s love stories