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Dandoy launches its summer ice cream

29 June 2020

Maison Dandoy launches from the beginning of June its collection of artisanal ice creams and sorbets.
Speculoos of course (with real pieces of homemade cookies), vanilla scraped with a knife, Laurent Gerbaud chocolate — “the chocolate that makes you beautiful” and that, even in ice cream makes you hot, pistachio based on real pistachio paste, almond to match, and of course the strawberry and lemon sorbets.
Each fragrance is made with top quality ingredients, without artificial flavors. The recipes were composed by the alchemists of happiness from the Dandoy workshops, on site, like all their collections of delicacies, with whole milk and cream. No added sugar, only the concentration of fruit guarantees a sweet taste.
Available in all stores in “pot to be tasted by the minute” format, equivalent to two balls (€ 4.50 with top choice of crunchy speculoos, hazelnuts, small cookies or crunchy almonds), or in 500ml jars (9,50 €). In all points of sale in the city center and Place Stéphanie, these scent-free balls will also be sold in cornet.

Dandoy launches its summer ice cream

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