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From beer to biscuit & biscuit to beer

6 March 2020

What about starting a project with our favourite brewery, Brussels Beer Project?

If you’ve never heard of it, Brussels Beer Project is a brewery born with the grand ambition of giving Belgian abbey beers a new lease of life. Inspired, we set our heart on celebrating a circular economy. Together, we dreamed of collaborating to a greener system and decided to give a second life to our own soon-to-be-thrown-away products. To do so, we intended to create something tasty with our leftovers. Our unsellable speculoos, shattered somewhere along our production line, took the direction of Brussels Beer Project brewery. Meanwhile, we welcomed in our atelier the residues of cereals used during the cooking of the beer: the draffs.

So, can you guess what we’ve been up to? Brussels Beer Project made a beer with our broken speculoos while we created a brand new biscuit with their draffs. Tough Cookie came to life.

The circle is complete, and it’s a real feast!

From beer to biscuit & biscuit to beer

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