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Two new shortbread biscuits

2 March 2021

For a more balanced yet equally gourmet world!
The new shortbreads, strong taste, weak glycemic index!​

For this new season, they wanted to create a duo of cookies with a lower glycemic index using flour from sustainable agriculture. They were eager to extend the pleasure of biscuit-eating to those who care about what they eat.

They have tested dozens of combinations of flavours and ingredients to finally find the perfect match for their new shortbread biscuits. Two new ingredients have therefore made their debut in their workshops: Kamut flour and coconut sugar. It’s thanks to them that they were able to reduce the overall glycemic index.

Coconut sugar does not come from the coconut but from the coconut flowers. The manufacture of coconut sugar is more sustainable than that of other sugars because it does not destroy anything: the flowers grow back continuously. Even better, it is richer in minerals, has a lower GI and brings a delicious caramelised note to the biscuit.

Kamut is a very old variety of wheat about which we don’t hear much. However, kamut flour contains far more proteins and minerals than wheat flour, while containing less carbohydrates and gluten.

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Two new shortbread biscuits

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