Discover “Little Lights”

30 June 2021

A family workshop from Krakow- Poland, who creates lamps for families all over the world.

When creating the first project, they wanted the lamp to be a cute animal lounging by the bed.

The dream was that in addition to its beautiful form, this animal will perfectly fulfill the function of a lamp. It would fill the room with a pleasant warm light, perfect for reading and sleeping.

The company “Little lights” is also people who put their heart and talent to all stages of creating lamps. Each of them goes a long way before it hits your hands. They chose pine wood, sand it, paint it and most of the work is made by hand with attention to every detail to make each « Little Lights » a unique piece.

That’s why “la maison Serneels” choose this company to offer their customer a cosy and unforgettable atmosphere in your home that will forever remain part of great childhood memories.

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Discover “Little Lights”

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