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DVF Pre-Fall Collection inspirations

16 June 2022

The summer collection is a celebration of nature and art, drawing from the natural beauty that occurs with the shift in seasons, the emergence of color, the cool tones of water, and the drive to explore. We draw our color pallet inspiration from Hockney and Albers and use their expertise on color to create unexpected and effortless print mixes. The prints have been chosen per month so that they not only work as a cohesive group but also each month flows into the other and can be mixed as well.

Silhouettes here move to full summer with some softer flowy pieces that mimic the fluidity of the water mixed with some slightly more structured pieces to add some contrast.

It is a joyful collection celebrating a summer where we will be able to travel, play, and work with ease.


Discover more of the DVF Pre-Fall collection in our DVF Belgian stores Brussels & Knokke

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DVF Pre-Fall Collection inspirations

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