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The DVF 2021 Winter collection

2 November 2021

It is a tribute to the timelessness of escape, spontaneously-forged connections, and the freedom of letting go.

The styles of this season are conversational and eccentrically classic. From a can-can dancer print inspired by French cabaret, to harlequin-like diamonds paired with sleek jacquard, to an irregularly dotted plissé that resembles confetti, it is meant to be celebratory, humorous, and passionate. The offerings encapsulate the curious variety of an evening in late 19th century Paris and pairs it with the effortless sophistication of New York City nightlife.

Discover more of the Winter 2021 collection at our DVF Belgian stores Brussels & Knokke or online www.dvfbelgium.com


The DVF 2021 Winter collection

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