Le Ponant in the Seychelles

1 April 2022

Le Ponant, the iconic three-mast sailing yacht, is redefining the contours of expedition cruises. A raft of new itineraries tailored by expedition leaders and naturalist guides deploys all of PONANT’s expertise to ensure a once in a lifetime experience in the Seychelles. Onboard this ship, where intimacy is treasured, only 16 staterooms per sailing can now be reserved for the 2022-2023 winter season.

A total of 11 departure dates are planned for this itinerary, including two new ports of call as unique as they are secret, namely the African Banks and Thérèse Island. Fringed by white sandy beaches, these islands are uninhabited, creating an exhilarating Robinson Crusoe sense of being the first to discover them.

Now fitted with the latest technological innovations, Le Ponant has been totally renovated with a sleek sophisticated design by the Jean-Philippe Nuel Studio.


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Le Ponant in the Seychelles

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