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Poliform kitchens @ Dominique Rigo

16 June 2022

With its extraordinary ability to be both modern and timeless, Poliform is the brand of yesterday, today and forever.

The Poliform kitchen is the sensorial space par excellence, where rationality and emotion meet, and function and aesthetics are in perfect harmony. There are many models, all designed to put the focus on people and their needs.

The Poliform offer is composed of 9 models, which can be declined almost endlessly. Each challenge, each wish, corresponds to a range.

Poliform’s Phoenix kitchen (photo) is an exclusive artistic proposition, where every element of the kitchen is inspired by the purest geometry and the most essential forms for a simple, meticulous design.

Come and discover the Poliform kitchens at the store rue de Stalle 210 in 1180 Uccle. 02/649.95.94.

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Poliform kitchens @ Dominique Rigo