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Solis – Indian Summer

2 November 2021

After creating the Solis collection in the summer of 2020, Arnaud Wittmann, successor and master jeweller of Maison De Greef, found new inspiration as summer slowly faded away, allowing autumnal colours to take hold. He spent the cool evenings admiring the falling leaves, the sky thickening with dark clouds and the wind blowing off the North Sea. Once again, his imagination took over and the Solis – Indian Summer collection was born.

This additional collection is made up of unique pieces designed with a mix of precious and semi-precious stones, matched with warm, strong colours to lift the wooly winter « haute couture ».

With the new Indian Summer added to the Solis collection, Arnaud Wittmann and his team at Maison De Greef invite you to gradually change seasons by helping you to choose or create the perfect piece of jewellery to face the arrival of winter.

Solis – Indian Summer