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New challenge for 2022 with Bernie Watches

26 January 2022

2022 brings new challenges for Maison De Greef. At the head of house that is almost two hundred years old and renowned for its watchmaking expertise, Arnaud Wittmann has the honour of sharing with you the launch of a new and unique watchmaker on 5th and 6th  February 2022.

Founder of Bernies Watches, at only 23 years old, Bernard Van Ormelingen is a watchmaker by training and above all a guilloche maker. He is one of the last representatives of a craft that has almost disappeared in Belgium, in Europe and on other continents. He is also an external subcontractor for various watch manufacturers for whom pieces are produced for collections requiring hand guilloche. Bernies Watches symbolises the reflection of elegance, subtly mixing artisanal know-how with modern techniques in order to produce watches that essentially represent you.

Come and share this special event with Maison De Greef.

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New challenge for 2022 with Bernie Watches

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