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Vhernier’s Abbraccio

22 February 2021

The Abbraccio collection is a testament of Vhernier’s passion for contemporary art and architecture.
With its bold yet sophisticatedly simple shape and its timeless design, the ring is among the pieces of jewellery that have won over Vhernier customers the most. Its ergonomic cut, which adapts harmoniously to the shape of the hand, gives the Abbraccio the greatest wearability – a fundament requirement of contemporary jewellery. Its lines separate and join, chase and twist, embrace the finger like a warm hug: Abbraccio is indeed the Italian noun for hug. Abbraccio ring and earclips come in different versions: in the celebrated rose gold edition; in white gold, featuring a diamond trim, a manifestation of Vhernier’s love for understatement; in a full pavé diamond edition, exceptionally luminous as there is virtually no metal at all between the stones.


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Vhernier’s Abbraccio