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The Ristorante Bocconi is reopen!

30 June 2021

Located in the heart of Brussels at Hotel Amigo, Ristorante BoCConi has become known as one of the best Italian restaurants in Brussels.

The BoCConi experience is extended to the Terrazza to enjoy the beautiful days. At the bend of a typical pedestrian street in the Brussels architecture, the air is filled with the scent of Italy.

Ristorante BoCConi is expanding with the opening of this new space where vines grow, honeysuckle perfumes bloom and an olive tree takes pride of place called BoCConi Café. The perfect combination for a coffee or a croissant with a Grand Place’s view.

In a sustainable perspective but also in order to have quality local products, all the selected products have one thing in common: they are Belgian! From the famous lemon tart Ducobu to our new beer B… At BoCConi Café, we eat and drink local.


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The Ristorante Bocconi is reopen!

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