Coffee Masterpiece: The Fire Snake

29 April 2022

This exceptional lot is grown in the region of Cerrado in Brazil, in the village of Patrocínio. The plantation thrives there due to the perfect conditions for the cultivation of Arabica. The winters are cold and fresh, whereas the summers get hot and humid. The Daterra farm – meaning “from the earth”- was founded in 1976 and quickly turned into a real coffee lab for exceptional coffees, their Masterpieces. Each year, those attain obtain rarely seen SCA scores.

Besides offering unparalleled traceability, this closed lab overflows with new and unusual crops. The passionate family that steers the enterprise, is also constantly on the lookout for new production methods.

Corica has had the opportunity to participate and launch a winning bid on one of their Masterpieces with an SCA score of 91.5/100.

The Fire Snake, of the Laurina varietal, has undergone a process of natural fermentation. The berries are first hand picked on the micro lots at the peak of their maturity. Then the beans are left to dry inside of the fruit itself.

This fermentation process is meticulously supervised by experienced farmers. This undertaking also grants the coffee its body and sweet and complex profile with notes of jasmine and raspberry. It’s a joyous miracle that can only be found here in Belgium at Corica.


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Coffee Masterpiece: The Fire Snake

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