Microlot coffee from Ecuador

5 November 2020

This coffee – Ecuador Vilcabamba – is also called the coffee of the centuries. It is cultivated by various families on small parcels of land. The inhabitants of the village at an altitude of 1600 meters consider their product a high-quality brew, which they themselves consume daily. That explains why they only export small amounts of it. Vilcabamba is located in a lush valley defined by its moderate climate with temperatures ranging between 18 and 24 °C throughout the year. This coffee has a floral aroma with spicy notes and a hint of caramel.

You will find it in our 2 shops (Caroly Street 39, 1050 Ixelles or Marché aux Poulets 49, 1000 Brussels) or on our e-shop

Microlot coffee from Ecuador

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