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Cristal Roederer 2014

27 January 2022

The Cristal identity is unique, original and truly unlike any other in the history of the fine wines from the Champagne region. It is a wine of the soil, a wine of depth, a wine of the land yet turned to the light, reaching for the heavens that it almost seems to touch.

2014 was a bright and sunny year in which the fruit and finesse were more radiant than ever. This sunny vintage gave a generous and well-ripened harvest of grapes which allowed us to craft a Cristal that is truer than ever to its identity, revealing its concentrated fruit, subtle charm and intense chalky purity.

The nose opens with notes of hay, toasted almonds and zesty citrus fruit. The dense, spicy structure is achieved by ageing a proportion of the wine in oak barrels. The finish is long and saline with the elegance and grace of a ballerina en pointe.

Cristal Roederer 2014

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