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Hommage à Camille

3 March 2022

When Camille Roederer invited her most loyal customers to dine with her, she liked to surprise them by serving the still wines from some of Louis Roederer’s finest vineyards of which she was particularly fond.

Named after this most remarkable figure in the history of the Louis Roederer Champagne House, these two Coteaux Champenois wines, Camille Charmont 2018 red and Camille Volibarts 2018 white, allow fine wine drinkers to discover another facet of the unique winemaking expertise of this family-owned Champagne House.

Extremely rare wines; only 15 bottles of Charmont red and 27 of Volibarts white are available for Belgium at De Coninck Wines.

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Hommage à Camille

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