The art of exceptional coffee

The brand Corica, Belgian craft roastery, is aimed at those seeking the best arabicas.  Since their takeover in 2011, the owners Marie-Hélène Callewaert and Harold Anciaux offer a selection of surprising and delicious roasts. Their work has been rewarded with the « Artisans certifiés » label and a wide range of their products has been certified conformed to * Certysis BE-BIO-01 during 2020.

A selection of more than 25 arabicas

Our boutique offers a range of more than twenty different coffees, both on site and on Corica’s website. You can find wonderful coffee varieties with remarkable aromas. Among them, there are some rare and restricted varieties: Jamaica Blue Moutain, Bourbon pointu from Reunion Island and Hawaii Kona delight our costumers’ taste buds.

A charming double service

Our boutiques’ strenght is to wear two hats, since you can both buy and taste coffee with special care for advice and service.  We roast our own coffee varieties, right in front of our customers in Rue Marché aux Poulets, 49, in order to share our know-how with complete transparency.


Where to find us

Our points of sale

Corica Grand Place
Rue du Marché aux Poulets 49,
1000 Brussels

Corica Overijse
Brusselsesteenweg 426/428,
3090 Overijse