Pierre Marcolini

Patisserie & Chocolate

Bean to Bar at 20: The Pierre Marcolini Maison marks the occasion…

2 November 2021

“China, India, Indonesia… I wanted to take lovers of fine chocolate
on a journey and allow them to discover a diversity of flavours and
textures. At times fruity, sometimes aromatic and at others tangy
with woody undertones.”


Pierre Marcolini is always searching the Cocoa Belt for the finest cocoa beans: from South America to Asia, passing via Africa.

We work in the world of plants and just like wine, cocoa trees grow in numerous varieties. These differ according to their region and country of origin and contribute to the unique aromatic identity of each cocoa bean.

The flavour of a cocoa bean depends greatly on the region of the cocoa plantation and might be spiced, flowery or fruity. Grand Cru beans are characterised by their exclusivity, the specific region, their

intensity on the palate, and the depth of their aromas. Our aim is to honestly capture the uniqueness of each bean so that its unrivalled essence can be appreciated in each bar. This is the art of creating chocolate. We hope that you will be inspired by our new tablets.

Introducing the New Creations tablets – a chance for the chocolatier to fuse the finest chocolate with the Maison’s renowned pralines, nuts and cocoa nibs…

Pure pleasure.

For those who prefer softer, more delicate flavours, this new collection also features milk and white chocolate tablets.

Bean to Bar at 20: The Pierre Marcolini Maison marks the occasion…