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Strawberry Crush – Valentine’s Collection 2022

26 January 2022

For Valentine’s Day 2022, we have fallen in love with strawberries (the rubies of the garden) – Strawberry Crush – wrapped in “Toile de Jouy”, a classic French design.
Join us on a trip to our garden of creations… Coeur à Croquer, Hearts, tablet and pastries.

To be enjoyed alone or in company: The Coeur à Croquer.
A crisp Piedmont hazelnuts and toasted Japanese sesame is paired with a light dentelle de Quimper biscuit. On top, a hazelnut gianotti enrobed in Grand Cru Cuba Sao-Tomé chocolate.
New Creations of the iconic Hearts: Spiced strawberry heart a strawberry cream ganache infused with Timut pepper in a white chocolate shell.
The other new one is the Almond heart a Faro almond praline with strawberry caramel in a white chocolate shell.
Also a strawberry Crush Tablet a white chocolate tablet with crispy strawberries.
And do not forget the pastries.
A dessert for sharing, or not…the Duo Entremets. A velvety Maison white chocolate shell houses a lemony Genoa bread topped with toasted sesame nougatine. A strawberry confit centre is coupled with light Madagascan vanilla mousse infused with a hint of Timut pepper. A raspberry heart is placed delicately on top.
Or “A tribute to Japanese poetry” with the Kumo.
A hazelnut biscuit topped with light Madagascan vanilla cream spiced with Timut pepper and invigorated with a hint of almond. A heart of Mara des Bois strawberry jam is crowned with a Maison white chocolate disc decorated in the collection Toile pattern.

The Kumo is the story of a small Japanese pastry, the Dorayaki. A cake, first made famous in Durian Sukegawa’s book “Sweet Bean Paste” and reinterpreted throughout Tokyo and now reinvented by Pierre Marcolini. The chef creates the “Kumo”, the promise of an ultra-light and airy pastry. Which is a good thing, because “Kumo” means cloud in Japanese. Kumo is a dream come true, a concept unique to the Maison, 100% natural.

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Strawberry Crush – Valentine’s Collection 2022