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The ‘Petit Bonheur’

3 March 2022

Pierre Marcolini celebrates the Italian hazelnut with a creation: the ‘Petit Bonheur’.

If happiness could be condensed into a chocolate, the result would without doubt be this creation. Combining a light feuillantine with whole hazelnuts and Maison praline, a pinch of Maldon salt enhances the flavour.

This perfectly balanced chocolate is made with our Maison-roasted Grand Cru cocoa.

Delicately wrapped like a gold bar, this chocolate brings a sumptuous moment of pleasure to any coffee break. Bliss with each bite.

The Belgian chocolatier tells the story of the smooth, round «Tonda Gentile Trilobée» hazelnuts of Piedmont.

Set in a unique location with a mild continental climate, the hazelnut farms are perched atop the foothills of the Piedmont Alps. A symbol of joy and prosperity, hazelnuts have a delicate, distinctive flavour and an irresistible crunch. Piedmont hazelnuts are sweet and creamy with notes of cocoa, for which they are prized by chocolatiers. Even stronger when heated, the hazelnut’s flavours are intensified when roasted.


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The ‘Petit Bonheur’